Run Streak Day 365

I laid in bed a bit longer this morning as I heard the rain hitting the roof. I thought it might stop and then I’d head out. I like running in the rain so it was more me savoring that I was about to flip 365 days of straight running.

People have been asking me if I’ll enjoy taking a day off after today. The answer is no…I’ve decided to keep going. Let’s see what I can push this streak to and when it ends it ends.

For now I’ll just keep running and adding up the miles along with the days. A huge thanks to everyone that’s supported me to get here from my wife, kids, family, friends and co-workers. It wasn’t just me hammering through these miles it was also a bit of each of you pushing me to get to this day.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 360

Got Percy and Jasper to run another 5K with me this morning. I never tried running with both dogs until yesterday. To my surprise they run very nicely together.

We did it a bit slower today…Jasper was able to keep up better with his speedy brother.

We clocked in at a 9:20 average for 3.16 miles.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 354

I was already awake so I got up and put in the miles. Went out easy and kicked it up a few notches at the end.

Inching closer to 365 days straight and about to flip 1,000 miles for this calendar year.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 353

It was a great morning to run through the woods and snag a personal record.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 344

No way I could have done 11 miles with #TeamFleetFeet today. I did make the most of these 4 miles in 96% humidity and head cold meds. #LastMileFastMile #RunCLE #RunHappy

324 day run streak

Short and easy after 7.5 miles with #TeamFleetFeet yesterday. Reading about the proper way to breath and run…didn’t see anything in there about needing scuba gear to cut through this humidity.

Decide to dominate!

226 day run streak…Cleveland Half Marathon

I’m very happy with today’s outcome. I shaved 3+ minutes off my PR and I never saw a 10 minute mile! There’s still work to do to get to 1:59:59…my Garmin had me at 2:00:41. I left it all out there and today’s run was rewarding for so many reasons.

I’ll be back for more with Team Fleet Feet and I guarantee I’ll find a way to shave off at least 42 seconds. I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of the training groups. Getting the encouragement during the training and cheering during the race today was amazing. I highly recommend that anyone that is looking for a training group you look at Fleet Feet first…such an amazing group of people.

I’ll take the rest of today easy and then back at it tomorrow.

Decide to dominate!