Run Streak Day 416

I doubled up again today with a run and then a ride. It was a wet and windy 5K. It is going to get colder later today and snow is coming…time to break out the sub-zero clothing.

It was nice to get back out on the fat bike and hammer out some miles on the tank. I like how my heart rate goes up much quicker on the fat bike 🙂

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 415

Got my run and ride on today. After running in the hills of Tennessee for four days I’m happy to be back on flat ground. I was able to get it back into the 8’s for a solid 5K. The ride was spontaneous and I just felt like rolling through some miles. Windy going out, but nice coming back in.

Icing my ankle from the hill workouts while watching the Browns…yes, orange socks in support of my team.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 414

Loki has been my running partner for the past two days. We’ve covered over 6 miles and gained over 900 feet of elevation while keeping a steady pace around 9:39 per mile. These were his first two “official” runs, but he clearly gets a lot of running in just like all huskies do.

It was a polka dot type of day with rain and hills.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 408

Today is new kicks day! Got my second pair of Levitate 2’s and took them out for a spin. Pairing these up with Superfeet inserts and Pro Compression socks makes for a solid ride on the feet. I added in some speed today and nailed those negative splits along with a last mile fast mile.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 407

I used today as the final tuneup for the 10K Turkey Trot on Thursday. I signed up yesterday so clearly I’ve been training a lot for this race. I’ll do short runs the next few days and look to keep the legs fresh. I’m not looking for any personal records…just looking to run with a bunch of people and have some fun.

Run Streak Day 400

Great weather to run in! I throttled it way back after leaving the subdivision as I went from pavement to asphalt. There’s way too much black ice out there to fall and break a hip on.

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Run Streak Day 396

I combined two of my favorite things this morning…stickers and running. Got out early and ran to the polls to cast my vote.

Decide to dominate!