My love and hate for stairs


I hate stairs. I would do everything possible to get around them. I know I am not alone everyone hates stairs, right?

I travel a lot for business so I get to see lots of different flights of stairs. The stairs that tell you the most are those in airports…they are always empty. I know the escalator is easier with bags, kids, injuries, etc, but what about those of us that just choose the escalator for no other reason than we are lazy. Yep I said it…lazy.

I have to admit stairs are a great workout. I used 12 floors of them in college to drop my freshman 15. That was about the last time I used stairs other than if I was forced to. I don’t feel forced anymore as I seek stairs out. Each morning I try to get in 20 floors during my workout. At work I get in another 4-7 floors in the parking garage after work. I haven’t taken the elevator in our parking garage (up or down) since December. While in airports I am now the guy buzzing up the stairs (bag permitting).

You don’t have to run up the stairs…if I did that I’d probably pass out and never get anywhere. I just focus on a nice pace that elevates my heart rate a bit.

I have learned that those things I avoid while trying to drop the weight are usually the things I need most. Let’s see if the same holds true for spinach (don’t bet on that…I am not Popeye).

What are you avoiding?

Disclaimer – My doctor has cleared me for all types of exercise. He also cleared me to eat less, but that never stuck…until now.

2 responses to “My love and hate for stairs

  1. hpartnership2013

    I was in London the other day and took the stairs at Covent Garden underground – Wow! I’m all for taking the stairs, but these should have a health warning. It’s a spiral staircase that goes on and on and on and on and on and on……in fact it’s a staircase marathon. Good news is I made it to the top and apart from the anxiety thinking they would never end and I was on my own in a not so salubrious stairwell, I didn’t feel too bad!

    Here’s a really fun little video that speaks to your point:

    • Now those are some stairs I really want to climb. Congrats on making it all the way. Stairs aren’t easy, but those sound kind of fun. Thanks for the share of the video…that really drives the point home.

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