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Always be moving

Always be moving…these are words I live by every day now. On Monday I put in 13 miles, yes a half marathon, but I never ran a single mile. I almost didn’t even leave the house except for the Memorial Day parade that my son and I got to walk in (it was only a mile).

I started Monday with 5 miles on the treadmill. We headed to the parade and then lunch…I treated myself to a cheeseburger (it was awesome). In the afternoon it was yard work in drizzling rain. I mowed and seeded the lawn all without sitting down once. I was able to tally up another 7 miles by chasing the law mower and sprinkling seeds…amazing when you realize my yard isn’t that big.

I have found that if I focus to always be moving and not sitting I can rack up those valuable miles, which is helping me shed all those years of unhealthy living.

This post was brought to you by my treadmill…I was on it logging some miles when I wrote this 🙂

My morning office…weigh in time


I spend a lot of time in my morning office. It consists of my treadmill (some call it my walking desk), my iPad, SiriusXM radio and the news channels. I can’t focus on one thing, but all these things keep me focused on my fitness.

I turn on SiriusXM and tune into the Pulse (fitting for working out). Then I start out by reading my morning news through Flipboard. Times have changed as I used to do this with the morning paper years ago at the gym. I read any emails that could have come in and work to clear my inbox. I do all this while keeping a nice pace on the treadmill and glancing at the TV periodically to see what stories they are following.

My routine is my routine and it might not work for everyone. It has worked well for me and you should find what works best for you. Until I had a routine I couldn’t stay with this fitness thing. Now I adapt it when I workout outside and when I travel. Technology, music and news are my thing…find your thing and own it.

I broke even again this week. Not letting it frustrate me as these weeks happen. This is a marathon of weight loss and not a sprint failed goals.

Decide to dominate!

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 247.5 lbs

Walking from coast to coast


Traveling and working out can be tough. This week I traveled from Cleveland to Santa Monica to New York and back to Cleveland. I managed to work out every day except one and that was because I drove back to Cleveland from New York based on flight issues.

I have been focused on getting outside more to workout. Ever since my Rocky moment in St. Louis it has felt great to get outside and put those miles in. While in California I was inspired by all the people working out on the famed Muscle Beach. I walked from the Santa Monica Pier to the Venice Beach Pier and back. This got me about 6-8 miles per day. I also walked up the hill leading to the Santa Monica Pier 20 times per day…that is a nice steep incline.

Once in New York I found an equally as nice place to work out. Battery Park was awesome and packed with people walking, running, biking and more. I was able to get in 6 miles going from one end of the park to the other and back. Lady Liberty was my inspiration while walking along the Hudson River. I was very pressed with what New York has done with the park and how they have made it workout friendly from restrooms to paths to open spaces.

I have a new focus when traveling to find cool places to workout. You should find places around your home also. I have a nice 4 mile loop I do at home that takes me through parks, neighborhoods and open spaces. Don’t confine yourself to the treadmill. Get up, get out and enjoy the world around you.


Broke even…weigh in time

I knew it was shaping up to be a tough week as I didn’t eat well.  I did stay focused on working out and kicked it up a notch on distance and intensity.  I still need to get better at eating when I travel…I start off great and then I fizzle out as the days go on.

I know what I did wrong last week and I will fix it going forward.  Too much snacking kills me at conferences.  I should have gone for the fruit kabobs, but no I went for the cookies and more than one.

Luckily I broke even for the week so my working out pulled me through.  I don’t let these types of things get me down.  I am focused and staying positive…heck I could have gained eight pounds so breaking even is just fine.

Decide to dominate!

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 247.5 lbs

My Rocky moment


Earlier this week I went to work out at the hotel gym at 5 am. I was surprised that it wasn’t open and didn’t want to wait those 30 minutes for the doors to be unlocked and my mesmerizing treadmill workout to begin. I ran up to my room and got my earbuds and off I went for my power walk outside.

The day before while driving to visit a customer I saw a nice stretch with parks, a golf course and a bicycle path. I headed that way and was determined to get 5 miles in. Along the way I stopped at each bench I saw and blasted out a set of push-ups. The trails filled up quickly with runners, walkers and cyclists.

When I got to the end of the path I was at Washington University in St. Louis. I debated turning around, but instead I decided to have a bit more fun (wow…I just used fun and workout in the same post). The steps were there and I decided I was going to have a Rocky moment. No one was around and I tackled the steps.  In fairness to Stalone he probably ran up a lot more steps one time…so I ran mine a lot more times just to show him up. By the time I was done running the steps I had a few people watching me and even one person gave me a thumbs up. Made my day and was a great way to break up my workout.

Yo Adrian!

The plane didn’t take off but I did


Woke up today and didn’t have time to work out based on an early morning flight. I knew I’d hit the gym tonight so no big deal. What I didn’t expect was my connection to breakdown. Nothing you can do about it as that is part of business travel.

In the past I’d hop off the plane and sit down to hammer out emails and make calls. Today I threw my bag over my shoulder and made the best of it. I hammered out emails and calls while hammering out three miles.

Just shows you can make a bad situation into a good one. I will still get where I am going and maybe I’ll be a little lighter when I arrive.

Decide to dominate!

It is a marathon not a sprint…weigh in time

I used to dread facing the scale.  Most times my weight had climbed again and I would need to think up some excuse as to why.  I knew why…I ate too much and I didn’t exercise enough.  It is pretty simple to figure out.

Now I can’t wait to step on the scale once a week.  I am not scared at the numbers.  I do like them to go down, but if they go up a bit or stay flat I am okay.  I know what I need to do and more times than not the numbers are going in the right direction.  I reflect on each week and figure out what I could have done better so that I can succeed going forward.  I don’t beat myself up…I learn and move on.

I constantly tell myself that in order to get fit I have to focus on this as a marathon and not a sprint.  I have to manage the good and bad together and continue to stay focused.

Decide to dominate!

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 247.5 lbs