I eat whatever I want

Getting sick doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does I am usually knocked off my feet. That happened earlier this week. In the past this would have been a moment I threw in the towel and quit working out or worse just started eating whatever I wanted. Hold on…I eat whatever I want now…what has changed?

A key I now live by is moderation. I can indulge, but everything must be within reason. As an example, after coming out of two days of not feeling human I was craving a cheeseburger. So I decided to do what most people would do and I went to lunch and ate a cheeseburger. What I did before ordering was to check the calories and figured I could eat half the burger based on my daily intake and calorie burn. I got what I was craving and it helped me stay on track.

Something I am going to start to do when eating out is to ask for a to go box immediately when my order arrives. I don’t like to waste food and I don’t like to have it looking back at me on my plate because I’ll eat it. It might seem slight but this is just enough out of sight out of mind to control that urge to over indulge. I can indulge on leftovers another day or give them to others.

When I was younger my grandmother used to tell me, “eat what you want, but push away from the table with a bit left on your plate”. I knew what she meant, but it didn’t mean much then. Now it has started to become a daily routine for me. I try to only take what I can eat minus the push away from the table factor.

I am trying to keep this journey of getting fit fun and simple. Not much can get simpler than cutting something in half and putting it in a to go box.

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