If I’m not moving I’m not burning


It has always been easy to say that I didn’t have the time to workout. I couldn’t make it to the gym because of something more pressing. I couldn’t get out on the bike because I had to get something else done. What can be more pressing than my health? What needs to be done that can’t wait 30 minutes?

I have learned I just need to be moving to burn the calories. It can be a simple walk and not a big trip to the gym of 10 reps of whatever. I walk and talk now. Conference calls can be done while moving. I have found my focus is better as I am not doing 5 different things. I pace now…makes people think I am nervous, but that is the opposite of how I feel. I am at my sons baseball practice now. I saw him get his reps at bat and in the field. I watched it while putting in 3 miles walking around the field.

It doesn’t need to be difficult to be rewarding.

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