Interval training…a kick in the butt

People have been asking me how I stay focused on my goal of getting fit. It can be tough as there are days I just want to stop. I know if I take a day off I will slip back into old habits. What has worked for me is mixing it up.

I focus on doing everything in intervals. Essentially short little individual workouts all at once. I would go insane if I ran on the treadmill for an hour straight…it just isn’t my thing. Here is what my normal workout looks like:

Treadmill (10 minutes), stair climbs (10 flights), treadmill (10 minutes), burpees (20 reps), treadmill (10 minutes), push-ups (20 reps), treadmill (10 minutes), jumping jacks (50 reps), treadmill (10 minutes), leg lifts (20 reps), treadmill (10 minutes)

I go through this routine twice. I will change up the order to keep it fresh and the insanity factor down. I don’t rest between intervals as my focus is to keep my heart rate elevated. I also can do this anywhere from at home to when I am traveling as there is no equipment required, which keeps things simple.

Before I changed to intervals I couldn’t stay with a workout routine. Interval training was that kick in the butt for me. Yes, there are days it sucks. There are also days where I have to compress it into 30 minutes (same workout shorten the times and reps). My goal is to get moving every day and to keep my workouts fun, simple and my mind clear (insanity factor in check).

Disclaimer – My doctor has cleared me for all types of exercise. He also cleared me to eat less, but that never stuck…until now.

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