Blazing my trail


I am now a pacer. No way of me denying that. Earlier this week I was able to join a sales training session. This type of training is great, but when you like to stand or pace it can be difficult.

I try to always make the best of these situations. I sat in the back of the room and created my walking track. While it wasn’t a big space for me to walk it did afford me the ability to get up and put some steps in while staying engaged with the sessions.

Essentially I was able to maintain a clear mind that allowed me to stay engaged with the presentation. If I was sitting I might try to multitask, which is never good.

I took time during breaks to get in a walk outside before heading back to the room. I was able to hit my step goal every day and learn a few things at the same time.

How do you handle conferences, training sessions or anything that causes prolonged time sitting?

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