It is a marathon not a sprint…weigh in time

I used to dread facing the scale.  Most times my weight had climbed again and I would need to think up some excuse as to why.  I knew why…I ate too much and I didn’t exercise enough.  It is pretty simple to figure out.

Now I can’t wait to step on the scale once a week.  I am not scared at the numbers.  I do like them to go down, but if they go up a bit or stay flat I am okay.  I know what I need to do and more times than not the numbers are going in the right direction.  I reflect on each week and figure out what I could have done better so that I can succeed going forward.  I don’t beat myself up…I learn and move on.

I constantly tell myself that in order to get fit I have to focus on this as a marathon and not a sprint.  I have to manage the good and bad together and continue to stay focused.

Decide to dominate!

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 247.5 lbs

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