My Rocky moment


Earlier this week I went to work out at the hotel gym at 5 am. I was surprised that it wasn’t open and didn’t want to wait those 30 minutes for the doors to be unlocked and my mesmerizing treadmill workout to begin. I ran up to my room and got my earbuds and off I went for my power walk outside.

The day before while driving to visit a customer I saw a nice stretch with parks, a golf course and a bicycle path. I headed that way and was determined to get 5 miles in. Along the way I stopped at each bench I saw and blasted out a set of push-ups. The trails filled up quickly with runners, walkers and cyclists.

When I got to the end of the path I was at Washington University in St. Louis. I debated turning around, but instead I decided to have a bit more fun (wow…I just used fun and workout in the same post). The steps were there and I decided I was going to have a Rocky moment. No one was around and I tackled the steps.  In fairness to Stalone he probably ran up a lot more steps one time…so I ran mine a lot more times just to show him up. By the time I was done running the steps I had a few people watching me and even one person gave me a thumbs up. Made my day and was a great way to break up my workout.

Yo Adrian!

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