Walking from coast to coast


Traveling and working out can be tough. This week I traveled from Cleveland to Santa Monica to New York and back to Cleveland. I managed to work out every day except one and that was because I drove back to Cleveland from New York based on flight issues.

I have been focused on getting outside more to workout. Ever since my Rocky moment in St. Louis it has felt great to get outside and put those miles in. While in California I was inspired by all the people working out on the famed Muscle Beach. I walked from the Santa Monica Pier to the Venice Beach Pier and back. This got me about 6-8 miles per day. I also walked up the hill leading to the Santa Monica Pier 20 times per day…that is a nice steep incline.

Once in New York I found an equally as nice place to work out. Battery Park was awesome and packed with people walking, running, biking and more. I was able to get in 6 miles going from one end of the park to the other and back. Lady Liberty was my inspiration while walking along the Hudson River. I was very pressed with what New York has done with the park and how they have made it workout friendly from restrooms to paths to open spaces.

I have a new focus when traveling to find cool places to workout. You should find places around your home also. I have a nice 4 mile loop I do at home that takes me through parks, neighborhoods and open spaces. Don’t confine yourself to the treadmill. Get up, get out and enjoy the world around you.


One response to “Walking from coast to coast

  1. I hope to one day travel to the west coast and see Santa Monica and Venice. I have been to Battery Park and it is an amazing place to walk and enjoy the scenery. It is great to hear that even on your work days that you find time to exercise when most people would just not try. This definitely motivates me to push myself even harder today. Best of luck and keep up the awesome work outs 🙂

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