Injured…now what?

Ouch! My foot started to hurt when heading home from a business trip. I kicked my shoes off thinking I just needed to let my dogs out of their cage. Nope, something was wrong and I knew it. It wasn’t serious, but my foot was hurting and all I do is walk all day long so I knew this was going to frustrate me. What do I do about working out? Do I take a day off? What if I slip back to my old habits?

Like any bump or bruise this will heal, but I knew I needed to take it easy. Instead of stopping I thought through my workout routine. First, I am slowing down on the treadmill from speed walking to just a casual walk. I can still get in my miles and burn those calories while my foot heals. Second, I stopped the lower body routines as part of my daily intervals. I am focusing on my core with exercises that don’t make me put extra pressure on my foot.

I felt just as good after working out today as I have since I started. This minor setback is another checkpoint for me in my journey to fitness. I realize now I have to listen to my body and adapt. Old TLoe would have stopped for a day, a week, a month and the pounds would have shown back up. Not anymore…decide to dominate (just a bit slower the next few days).

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