Walking the Mall


I spent a day in DC this week. What did I do with my free time? I decided to take a stroll in the Mall.

This wasn’t the mall with stores, but that is a good place to get some walking done. This was the National Mall. All the times I have been to DC I never walked the National Mall. It was amazing. Not only did I put in the miles, but I got to soak up all that history…I love history.

A friend took me on the tour and we knocked out just over 6 miles. We were both happy to see how far we went and the time flew by as we wound through the different buildings and monuments.

DC is a great place to workout. From people walking to joggers, runners and bikers…we saw lots of calories being burned.

I put in over 31,000 steps in DC (14 miles) so I have some calories and pounds that are also history after all that walking in the nation’s capital.


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