Milwaukee walking


Earlier this week I spent the day in Milwaukee.  It was my first time there…it is a great city.  The people are very friendly and the town is easy to get around.  I traveled with a colleague who had an injured foot, but somehow that didn’t stop us from walking all over the place.

We walked all over the Cleveland airport.  We walked all over Milwaukee.  We walked all over the Milwaukee airport.  Not once did my colleague complain about her foot, but we were smart to make sure she took escalators and elevators.  I on the other hand focused on stairs and pacing.  We noted before heading out that it would probably be a small step total day, but I eclipsed over 22,000 steps and she was above her average.  Not a bad day at all.

This trip made me realize that the little things matter.  I went up and down a lot of stairs in Milwaukee.  I paced a lot in the airports.  I also forgot my charge card at lunch and was able to walk back to put in some extra steps (not a practice I recommend doing regularly).  In the end my colleague and I got to the same places at pretty much the same time.  It might have taken me a few seconds more to arrive, but that was okay knowing I got a few more steps in.

After being recombobulated in the Milwaukee airport we knew we had put in a full day.  Thank you Lisa for being so patient with me on my quest to walk all over Milwaukee!

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