Goodbye 40

I passed a milestone I have been shooting for now for a while.  I got over the 40 pound loss mark this morning.  I usually don’t weigh myself in the middle of the week, but for some reason I stepped on and was happy to see that I passed that milestone.

I realized recently that I needed to switch things up as I was stuck in a rut.  I have been hovering between the 32-38 pound mark and couldn’t get over the hump.  Ironically it is the bike, that I vowed I wouldn’t get on until I hit my ultimate goal, that has been that catalyst over the past week plus.  I have inserted quick 16 mile rides in the morning into my routine and still focus on getting 3-5 miles of running / walking in all before leaving for work.  We sometimes make this harder than we need to…my output has gone up and my input has remained constant so that means I lose (this is one time I don’t mind losing).

Now on to reaching the 50 pound loss mark…

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