I track everything…

From the day I started this fitness journey I knew I needed to track everything I do.  The Fitbit takes care of the workouts, but that is only one part of the equation.  I also need to track what I eat so that I can make sure I was fueling my body correctly.

The Fitbit tracks what you eat by you manually putting the information in.  I have found using Lose It! has been better for food tracking and it has a cool sync function with Fitbit to keep my Fitbit dashboard updated.  Lose It! has a nice function that lets you scan bar codes to enter food.  It also has most major restaurants so traveling and eating is simple.  If you don’t find what you eat in the app just Google the food and get the basic nutrition info and plug it into Lose It!.  There is a sync from Fitbit back to Lose It! that takes into account your calories burned for the day.  This allows you to be updated to the second so you know if you should eat that snack or not.

Now that I have started to get on the bike again I am using Strava to track my rides.  It has cool features for tracking your rides, performance, linking with friends, posting to Twitter / Facebook and more.  I take my information after each ride and plug it back into my Fitbit so I can track my calories burned correctly for the day.

The equation isn’t difficult to figure out…you have to burn more in a day than you take in to be able to lose weight. I am a geek so being able to bring tech and weight loss together has been a huge driver in keeping me focused on my goals.

Decide to dominate!

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