Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sunday run – 3.49 miles

Broke out the Garmin watch and took off today. I decided to run my normal loop as I went for distance yesterday. I set my watch at a 10:30 pace. I ran 3.49 miles at a 10:13 average.

I like the watch, but now I realize Strava and Garmin aren’t going to match exactly. I’ll keep using both for now as each have their benefits, but I’ll log my performance from the Garmin.

Big day for the home teams today. Go Browns and Indians!

Decide to dominate!


Saturday run – 5.6 miles and 50 lbs

I got in a good run this morning.  Went for distance with a moderate pace.  I was able to hammer out 5.6 miles with a 10:33 pace.  It was an awesome morning to run as it was 65 degrees, sunny and a nice calm breeze…can’t get much better than that.

I jumped on the scale after the workout and to my surprise I hit the 50 lbs lost mark.  I don’t weigh myself a lot anymore just usually once or twice a week if I remember.  Feels good to hit this milestone and I am only 7 lbs away from my first goal of 225 (my college weight).

My gift to myself for hitting this mark was a Garmin 10 watch.  I have trouble with pace when running so I told myself I’d get a GPS watch if I kept running. Since I hit the milestone and most of it has been from running I figured it was time to splurge and get the Garmin.  This along with my Fitbit and Strava should make it so that everyone in the world can track my workouts 🙂

Decide to dominate!

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 232.0 lbs



Friday run – 3.7 on pavement

Great run this morning.  Logged 3.7 miles and did it with a 9:49 average.  I felt really strong, which is good because my run yesterday was difficult.

Nailed my second best 5K and my second best overall run for the 3.7 mile distance.  Now to decide how far I will run this weekend…

Going to be another one of those eye of the tiger type of days…decide to dominate!



Thursday run – 4 miles

I had a busy day with a trip to Pittsburgh and back. I made sure to still squeeze in a run this morning as I knew I’d be caught in a car most of the day. I hit the treadmill and hammered out 4 miles with a 10 minute average. It was a tough 4 miles as I was a bit tired, but I pushed through it and felt great the rest of the day.

I am going to try to run outside or hit the gym in the morning. I think the running in one place wore me down.


Wednesday run – track time

With the weather changing I have realized in a few months running outside is going to be difficult. I like having my treadmill, but it just isn’t the same. Last weekend I went shopping for a gym.

I have had lots of gym memberships over the years. Most of the time I get the membership and then a few months later I am canceling my membership. Every time I am out a bunch of cash and haven’t lost a pound…both my fault. This made me hesitant to even think about entertaining another gym membership.

This time is different. Why? I am going in with a purpose.  You might ask wasn’t my purpose before to lose weight? I am down almost 50 lbs so I know how to lose weight. My purpose is I need a track to run on. The weights, spinning and pool are a bonus, but the track was what I was after this time. Running has changed my life in many ways and now it is changing my buying habits.

Today I ran 3.9 miles on the track and averaged 10 minute miles. It felt good to run on a cold 40 degree morning in a nice climate controlled 65 degree environment and not be stuck in one spot on a treadmill.

PS…I did run yesterday, but didn’t post as I ran out of time. I got 3.1 miles in yesterday averaging 10 minute miles.

Decide to dominate!

Monday run – rest day

I will admit I was sore last night after my 10K+ run yesterday morning.  I got a good nights rest and decided to take today as a rest day.  I jumped on the treadmill and logged 3.1 miles at a 10:36 per mile pace.  It felt good to get the legs moving and honestly I didn’t have any aches or pains from yesterday.

I am over 10 miles today with all my steps from my conference calls where I pace to my walk at lunch.  I don’t know the last time I have been this alert and focused on a Monday.  Maybe some of this is because the Browns, Indians and Buckeyes all won this week…I am actually chalking it up to hard work on my part.

Decide to dominate!

Sunday run – 6.6 miles on pavement

I set goals in order to keep pushing myself.  I had a goal to run a 10K before Thanksgiving.  I broke that goal yesterday, but it was on a treadmill.  I decided to get it done today and did it on the road.  I was able to churn out 6.6 miles with a 10:17 average.  I was very happy with the output today based on going the longer distance.

I will go on record now and say the next goal is a half marathon.  I want to be able to do at least one half marathon next year.  That leaves only one thing to tackle after that…a full marathon.  I am not ready to commit to a date when that will happen as 4-5+ hours of running still seems hard to grasp.

For now I will stick to increasing distance, speed and losing the rest of this weight.

Decide to dominate!

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 233.0 lbs