Running man


I am a runner. I have noted the opposite during my fitness journey, but I have to come clean now…I like to run.

It started innocently with me walking a ton. I preached that I don’t run as I never liked it and never would. Somehow a switch flipped and walking went to speed walking then to jogging and now I am at what I consider a running pace. I now like to say I have found my inner me…I like to run.

As I reflect on all of this I have concluded that running is now my badge of honor. Last year at this time I was struggling to walk based on nagging injuries like lower back pain. I attributed that at the time to age…I was only 40 and I was fooling myself…I was carrying too much weight. I could barely walk three miles so there is no way I’d ever think I’d run three miles. I will be honest that if something didn’t change with my lifestyle I’d have been lucky to see 50…that is scary to think about. Now I am running every day, losing weight, loving life and looking forward to my next 50 years because…I like to run.

Old TLoe = 282 lbs / New TLoe = 235.5 lbs

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