Wednesday run – track time

With the weather changing I have realized in a few months running outside is going to be difficult. I like having my treadmill, but it just isn’t the same. Last weekend I went shopping for a gym.

I have had lots of gym memberships over the years. Most of the time I get the membership and then a few months later I am canceling my membership. Every time I am out a bunch of cash and haven’t lost a pound…both my fault. This made me hesitant to even think about entertaining another gym membership.

This time is different. Why? I am going in with a purpose.  You might ask wasn’t my purpose before to lose weight? I am down almost 50 lbs so I know how to lose weight. My purpose is I need a track to run on. The weights, spinning and pool are a bonus, but the track was what I was after this time. Running has changed my life in many ways and now it is changing my buying habits.

Today I ran 3.9 miles on the track and averaged 10 minute miles. It felt good to run on a cold 40 degree morning in a nice climate controlled 65 degree environment and not be stuck in one spot on a treadmill.

PS…I did run yesterday, but didn’t post as I ran out of time. I got 3.1 miles in yesterday averaging 10 minute miles.

Decide to dominate!

2 responses to “Wednesday run – track time

  1. Trevor, I have been following your progress and you have done excellent. Keep up the good work. Run outside on cold days, it only takes a mile to warm yourself up and then you will appreciate it. Go to a local running store and get some cold weather running gear. Outside all year long is so much better. Chuck

    • Thanks Chuck! I have been thinking about hitting the running store. If I do that and get real clothes to go with my real shoes I will officially be a real runner. Guess I have to do it soon as we will have snow in Ohio shorty 🙂

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