Monthly Archives: October 2013

Tuesday run – 27 what?

I have been eating better, building muscle and working on my splits (running not bending). It showed today as I went 27:37 for 5K. That is an 8:55 average and for those keeping score…MY FASTEST TIME EVER!

I am enjoying this fitness journey. I have realized I am over that hump of being worried about slipping back to who I WAS because I like who I AM way too much.

I am focused…decide to dominate!

Saturday run – 10K

Today was one of those cold lazy days. I knew I wasn’t going to run outside so I decided not to go out at all and I jumped on the treadmill. After 2 miles I felt good so I decided to keep going. I ended up putting in a 10K with a 10 minute average.

Very happy with the workout this morning. I was so happy that I rewarded myself with an afternoon nap. I said it was one of those lazy days 🙂

Decided to dominate (and stay warm)!

Friday run – I landed on the green

I have been tested this week. Sore muscles have beat me up big time. I have had to push hard to keep going…until today.

I woke up and felt great. My legs weren’t sore and I was ready to lay down some miles. I hit the track and did the 5K with a 9:26 average. I focused on faster splits each time.

I won’t lie…there were times this week I just wanted to give up. Rather than give up I listened to my body and slowed down.  This is probably the first week in a long time where I felt like I was losing ground every day.  Fortunately working out is like golf, when your having a bad round then you hit that last shot that lands right on the green and it makes everything that was bad go away.  This morning I hit a great last shot and all the pains from earlier in the week were gone.

Decide to dominate!

Thursday run – I need to stretch more

It has been an interesting week of working out.  I lifted with the trainer on Monday and took a day off from running. On Tuesday I ran a 5K with a 9:44 average, but then my muscles tightened up.  I ran my 5K yesterday with a 9:44 average.  I am starting to feel less sore today and I ran the 5K with a 9:50 average.  Interesting that the days I felt worse I actually ran quicker…maybe I was just pushing it to get done vs. enjoying it like I did this morning.

Obviously I am not stretching enough after I work out.  Especially on Monday when I am lifting with the trainer.  I always stretch before my runs and usually after, but it is clear usually needs to turn into every time.

Decide to dominate!

Sunday run – kept on going

I set out this morning for a fast 5K that turned into a strong 10K. I felt good at the 5K mark averaging 9:45 and kept going. I finished the 10K with a 10:03 average. That equated to 62 times around the track at the gym. I was able pace myself with some of the others that were on the track.

I am glad I went for distance today as I want to keep pushing myself. I am going to try to get into the pool this week and also back on the bike. Nothing like training now for a triathlon next year.

Definately making it happen today!

Saturday run – so you had a bad day

There are those days where you wake up and you know it is going to be a grind. That is what today has been for me. Of course that carried over into my run. I was winded in my first mile and felt like I was running in mud. My 1 mile split was 10:30 and that is way off my average. I had to dig deep the next 2.1 miles, but I got it done and finished the 5K with a 9:52 average.

Today is a great example that everything isn’t always going to go the way you plan it. There will be days where you have to dig deep to keep going…make adjustments and move on.

Decide to dominate!

Friday run – freezing, but happy

I am the guy that will be outside in shorts in 20 degree weather.  It wasn’t 20 degrees this morning, but a cold 43 degrees made for running a quick activity this morning.  I got out and was able to get in 3.5 miles at a good pace of 9:55.

The thing I am most happy about today was I passed four runners.  I don’t usually see a lot of people on my runs and when I do they are usually going the opposite direction.  Today as I left the house I came up behind three runners heading down the nature trail path.  I kept my pace and finally caught them and passed them…put a small smile on my face.  I then came upon another runner about half way through my loop and passed him…again a small smile.  It made me realize how far I have come with this running thing.  I have gone from being the slow heavy guy to the faster slightly less heavy guy 🙂

Today was a very good day…running toward the weekend!