Tuesday run – 2 slow miles

I ran 2 miles this morning at an 11:00 average.  I slowed down and kept my distance short because today is a rest day.  Yesterday was an interesting day…

I started my day with a workout with a personal trainer. Overall it went well. Lots of crossfit. I then spent 40 minutes on the track walking and jogging. My legs were still a bit fried from the weekend.

I played in a golf outing yesterday afternoon. I decided to walk most of the course. I shot very well for not playing 18 holes in 5+ years…honestly I think that might have been my best round ever. I am totally chalking up yesterday’s good round to being in better shape. It was catching up to me with two holes left, but I finished the final hole with a par so I was happy.

As I reflect on yesterday I know I overdid it. I woke up this morning and I felt my age. I decided to take things a bit slower today and focus on active rest. I got on the treadmill to work out some of these kinks in my legs with walking and a slow run. I am also going to be stretching a lot today.

While it took me a bit longer to get rolling today I still feel good. A year ago if I tried what I did yesterday I’d be out for a week.

Decide to dominate…a bit slower today!

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