Saturday run – humid 3.4 miles

I started out fast and I ended slow. I ran 3.4 miles and averaged 10:22. I felt the humidity set in with each step. There were a couple of times where I thought about stopping, but as usual I pushed through it. I just slowed down.

I have learned to listen to my body. I wanted a fast time today and I did get my fastest 1 mile. After that first mile I knew I needed to slow down. I usually run at 5:30 am and today I ran at 10:30 am…it was already 75 degrees with rain clouds on the horizon. Rather than cause a shutdown after the first mile I throttled back.

I learned today that I need to train at different times of the day. I talked yesterday about hitting plateaus and changing things up. Looks like I need to do the same thing with my workout times.

PS…I am happy I found the Garmin Connect app for my iPhone so I can track my workouts on my phone and computer.


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