Friday run – bring it on!

Hit the track today and felt very good. I broke 29 minutes for the second day in a row for my 5K and this time it wasn’t on a treadmill. I finished in 28:33 for a 9:13 average. That is 3 minutes faster than my last 5K on the gym track…boom!

Running through my head today was +1. In my world +1 means doing one more thing before you stop. It could be one more call, one more email, one more meeting, one more smile, one more step, etc. It is so easy to end something one short, we do it all the time. We aren’t going to be around forever so my mindset is I’d rather finish my day, workout, etc one step closer to my goal rather than one step short.

Today is a bring it on type of day as I am going to own it…decide to dominate!


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