Friday run – freezing, but happy

I am the guy that will be outside in shorts in 20 degree weather.  It wasn’t 20 degrees this morning, but a cold 43 degrees made for running a quick activity this morning.  I got out and was able to get in 3.5 miles at a good pace of 9:55.

The thing I am most happy about today was I passed four runners.  I don’t usually see a lot of people on my runs and when I do they are usually going the opposite direction.  Today as I left the house I came up behind three runners heading down the nature trail path.  I kept my pace and finally caught them and passed them…put a small smile on my face.  I then came upon another runner about half way through my loop and passed him…again a small smile.  It made me realize how far I have come with this running thing.  I have gone from being the slow heavy guy to the faster slightly less heavy guy 🙂

Today was a very good day…running toward the weekend!


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