Going from walking to running

I honestly wouldn’t have imagined I would ever be reading Runner’s World let alone sharing articles from it.  This actually sums up my fitness journey very well as I never thought I’d ever be a runner, but I have turned into one.

I read, Overview: How to Start Walking, and it resonated with me as these are steps I took in order to start my walking regimen and then turn it into a running regiment.  I wish someone would have shared these with me when I was getting started.  I thought I’d share them with others so you might not hit some of the same potholes I did along the road.

We all know infants learn to walk before they learn to run, but for some reason as adults we think we have to go right to the run stage and pass up the walking.  I can tell you that you’re dead wrong if you think you shouldn’t be walking first then running.  I can also tell you that I still practice a lot of these walking tips every day as my Fitbit and my friends keep me honest.

Decide to dominate!

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