A year ago today…

A year ago today I started my fitness journey. A Fitbit landed in my lap and I made a commitment to myself…it hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding.

It is the time of year for reflection. I took the day yesterday and read back through all my blog posts…that was very rewarding. When I started out I noted this blog was going to motivate me and hopefully inspire others. I am humbled by my followers and their words of motivation to me. You all have inspired me.

I was also flipping through 2013 photos. I found two that caused me to pause. They ironically ended up in my feed side by side, but were almost exactly one year apart. I was overcome with emotion and I decided to merge them together and share with everyone.

2013 has been an amazing, rewarding and healthy year. Thank you all for your support…you drive me to be a better me.

Happy Holiday’s and…decide to dominate!


2 responses to “A year ago today…

  1. Looking good, Trevor. Congratulations on a great year. Happy Holidays!

  2. Congratulations, Trevor, you’ve done an amazing job; you’ve created for yourself and your family a brighter future for this and all the new years to come.

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