Monthly Archives: January 2014

Wednesday run – not stopping

It is frigid outside, but I’m heating up the treadmill in the basement. Laid down 7 miles with a 9:03 average. That was 17 seconds per mile better than the 7 miles I put in yesterday.

I will continue to push my distance and pace. I have goals and I will continue to do the work to meet those goals. This has become fun. There I said it…I am having fun working out and I’m not stopping!

Decide to dominate!

Sunday run – cold weather stepping

I have shoveled snow a lot over the past two days. I ventured out yesterday and realized I should have never left the house. Cars spun out everywhere and plows having a slow go of moving the snow. It is days like the past two that it can be difficult to get steps in.

Luckily I have the treadmill and jumped on it both days. I put in 6.2 miles yesterday with a 9:58 average. I also managed to log 30,000 steps and just over 15 miles from shoveling snow, keeping busy around the house and walking on the treadmill. Today I put in a 5 mile run at a 9:54 average. I am on the treadmill now getting an afternoon walk. I have almost 25,000 steps today and still haven’t left the house.

I have learned on my fitness journey that I have to make the most of my situations. I never thought I’d get 15 miles in and not leave the house, but I’ll make that happen today. It is the little things that make the difference…as an example, instead of watching the game on the couch I moved to the treadmill to watch the LeBron’s destroy the Spurs. A little focus on standing, walking and always be moving can go a long way.

This week was a great week for me. I have been averaging 5 mile runs every day. I also got my 6 month physical in and am officially off blood pressure medicine. I dropped another 17 lbs and lowered my cholesterol meds to the lowest dose…with hopes of being off them this year. I also kicked my steps up to average 29,000 per day and went over 200,000 for a week. My focus to always be moving is moving me in the right direction.

Decide to dominate!

Saturday run – sleep pays off

I hit the gym track today determined to put in some miles. After dodging all the people on the track I was able to lay down 7.5 miles with a 9:35 average.

I have been very happy with my recent times and distances. I contribute a lot of my recent success running to making sure I’m getting adequate rest. I was wide awake this morning at 5 am and forced myself to sleep another three hours to get 8+ hours of rest. I started sleeping more during the recent holiday break and I am pleased I’ve been able to keep it up.

What if I focused on sleeping better 10 years ago? I don’t focus on what if’s any longer…it is all about what’s next.

Decide to dominate!

Thursday run – I own this!

I woke up determined to put in a fast run. I laced them up and focused on speed and distance. I logged 5 miles with a 9:04 average.

I love how a good run allows you to clear your mind. No distractions. No multitasking. No problems. No one but you and your thoughts. Amazing way to start the day and to get focused.

Decide to dominate!


Sunday run – monster miles

I spent the night in Detroit with my family watching Monster Jam at Ford Field. My kids love those trucks and I am a sucker for the little smiles on their faces. I went through a bit of withdrawal as I didn’t pack my workout clothes. I decided I was going to workout late morning, but that isn’t my usual routine so I was a bit worried I’d throw off my regimen.

I got home and jumped on the treadmill. I didn’t get a good nights rest, but felt like pushing it. I put in 5 miles with a 9:09 average. I also laid down a 8:57 5K…boom!

While it seems small to most to workout at a different time this was a big step for me because I have worked out at the same time for over a year. It was more proof to me that my fitness journey is here to stay.

Decide to dominate!


Saturday run – Danger Zone

There are times when I am running and a song comes on the Shuffle that makes me kick it into another gear. That song today was Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.

I was in the last two miles of my 10K and I already laid down a great pace, but what happened next is what keeps me coming back…it fueled my runners high. Danger Zone started and my pace picked up. I logged my fastest mile to date on my Garmin in the last mile of my 10K. I’ve gone out quick starting runs to log a fast mile, but to do this after 5+ miles felt awesome. I also logged my fastest 5K and fastest 10K. I blew my old 10K record off the board by over two minutes…boom!

I am very happy the weather broke and I got this run in between morning rain and evening snow. I’m also glad that Maverick and Goose pushed me through my danger zone.

Decide to dominate!

Friday run – beats per minute

I am a data dork. I love tracking every piece of data and that includes data on my fitness. One data point I have tracked over the past year is my heart rate. A year ago (60 pounds ago) I had a resting heart rate of 69. After starting my running program in August I have dropped my resting heart rate to 60. My average over the past 90 days is 58. I am very happy with this progress as clearly I am in better shape and much healthier. It is valuable to track your heart rate during workouts, resting and at different times of the day. I get more out of tracking my beats than I do my pounds.

I hit the gym track today and ran 5 miles with a 9:29 average. Felt good to get off the treadmill and back on to concrete.

Decide to dominate!