Saturday run – Danger Zone

There are times when I am running and a song comes on the Shuffle that makes me kick it into another gear. That song today was Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.

I was in the last two miles of my 10K and I already laid down a great pace, but what happened next is what keeps me coming back…it fueled my runners high. Danger Zone started and my pace picked up. I logged my fastest mile to date on my Garmin in the last mile of my 10K. I’ve gone out quick starting runs to log a fast mile, but to do this after 5+ miles felt awesome. I also logged my fastest 5K and fastest 10K. I blew my old 10K record off the board by over two minutes…boom!

I am very happy the weather broke and I got this run in between morning rain and evening snow. I’m also glad that Maverick and Goose pushed me through my danger zone.

Decide to dominate!

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