Sunday run – monster miles

I spent the night in Detroit with my family watching Monster Jam at Ford Field. My kids love those trucks and I am a sucker for the little smiles on their faces. I went through a bit of withdrawal as I didn’t pack my workout clothes. I decided I was going to workout late morning, but that isn’t my usual routine so I was a bit worried I’d throw off my regimen.

I got home and jumped on the treadmill. I didn’t get a good nights rest, but felt like pushing it. I put in 5 miles with a 9:09 average. I also laid down a 8:57 5K…boom!

While it seems small to most to workout at a different time this was a big step for me because I have worked out at the same time for over a year. It was more proof to me that my fitness journey is here to stay.

Decide to dominate!


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