Sunday run – cold weather stepping

I have shoveled snow a lot over the past two days. I ventured out yesterday and realized I should have never left the house. Cars spun out everywhere and plows having a slow go of moving the snow. It is days like the past two that it can be difficult to get steps in.

Luckily I have the treadmill and jumped on it both days. I put in 6.2 miles yesterday with a 9:58 average. I also managed to log 30,000 steps and just over 15 miles from shoveling snow, keeping busy around the house and walking on the treadmill. Today I put in a 5 mile run at a 9:54 average. I am on the treadmill now getting an afternoon walk. I have almost 25,000 steps today and still haven’t left the house.

I have learned on my fitness journey that I have to make the most of my situations. I never thought I’d get 15 miles in and not leave the house, but I’ll make that happen today. It is the little things that make the difference…as an example, instead of watching the game on the couch I moved to the treadmill to watch the LeBron’s destroy the Spurs. A little focus on standing, walking and always be moving can go a long way.

This week was a great week for me. I have been averaging 5 mile runs every day. I also got my 6 month physical in and am officially off blood pressure medicine. I dropped another 17 lbs and lowered my cholesterol meds to the lowest dose…with hopes of being off them this year. I also kicked my steps up to average 29,000 per day and went over 200,000 for a week. My focus to always be moving is moving me in the right direction.

Decide to dominate!

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