Monthly Archives: February 2014

Saturday ride – 13.2 cold miles…felt great

I’ve never posted twice in one day, but I’ve also never ran and rode in the same day. I still had a lot of energy after the 5K this morning so I jumped on my road bike and hammered out some miles before dinner.

It felt good to get back on the bike. I put in 13.2 miles with a 16.3 average. This was the first ride of the season and it was cold and windy. I could tell right away that my running had built up my cardio and my legs. It was easy to spin 17-20 mph.

I turned early to head for home because the wind by the lake was pounding me and it wasn’t as warm as I had first thought. After riding through a lot of water I decided it was smarter to keep all my toes and not push on any further. I should sleep well tonight.

Decide to dominate!


Saturday run – my first 5K

I had restless energy this morning. My first organized 5K was at 9 am and I was already on the treadmill by 7:30 am warming up. It ended up being an amazing morning with temps near 40 and the only downside was the brisk wind. As soon as that horn went off I knew all my hard work over the past year+ was going to pay off…or maybe not.

My GARMIN watch froze two steps in so I had to shake off not knowing my pace. I was rattled, but focused on my stride and breathing. At the 1 mile mark they called out 9:45 so I knew I was doing okay. I wanted to pick it up a bit and at mile two they called out 18:15. I hadn’t been passed until about half way through mile two when a runner came up on my left and moved past me. In the past I might have also let this derail me, but I kept focused. Mile three took us onto the high school track and with about 100 yards from the finish I passed that one runner that passed me.

I won’t lie…I teared up at the end of the run. It was only 3.1 miles, but it was a goal met that I never thought I’d hit. Over a year ago I had more chance of being in a hospital bed with the way my health was. Now I am running 5Ks and not stopping there.

This morning was a great morning.

Decide to dominate!

Thursday run – feeling great

I put in a good 3.5 mile run this morning with a 9:25 average. I brought home some personal medals with my 3rd fastest mile, my 2nd fastest two miles and my 3rd fastest 5K. Feels like the Olympics over here, but clearly I have more work to do.

I am building up to my first organized 5K this weekend. Am I nervous? Nope, because I shouldn’t be here right now. I never thought I’d be running let alone entering a 5K. This journey has proven to me that there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we set our sights on attainable goals. Am I fired up? Heck yes I am fired up and I’m looking forward to bringing home some gold.

Decide to dominate!


Saturday run – I am back

I hit the treadmill this morning after a few days off with a sore achilles. I’m happy to report I felt good and the achilles appears to be fine.

I focused this week on stretching, swimming, core and walking. Overall it was a good week and has taught me that maybe those long hard runs every day isn’t what I should be doing. I’m going to go with a new focus and mix up my cardio (cycling, swimming and running) along with more stretching and continued strength training.

I took it slow this morning and put in 5 miles at a 10 minute average. I also had a training appointment with a new trainer…yep he’s going to kick my butt. I topped it all off with a nice long walk on the track.

The journey and the learning continue. My goals are still in place and I’m focused.

Decide to dominate!

Monday swim – my achilles heel

I have been nursing a swore achilles this weekend. I decided today to ratchet back my running to allow my achilles to take a break. Instead of just scrapping my regimen I did research and swimming is a recommended workout when dealing with an achilles strain. So I jumped in the pool and off I went.

I haven’t swam for distance since high school and that was only because I had to in order to pass swim class. Yes, swimming has always been my “achilles heel” of working out. I started slow by doing 30 laps in 30 minutes. I swam each lap in 30 seconds and took a 30 second breather. I got my heart rate up quickly and kept it up for all 30 minutes. Dare I say I liked it? Okay, I liked it. Time to invest in goggles as now the world is a bit cloudy.

Since I said I want to do a mini-triathlon this year swimming now isn’t a bad thing at all. I did hit the track, but just a slow walk with little pressure on my achilles. I also found stretches to strengthen my calves and achilles to prevent this from happening again.

This is yet another test on my fitness journey. In the past I would have been done and hung it up for a few weeks. Now I find ways to continue to get stronger while healing. Guess I am getting smarter in my old age.

Decide to dominate!

Saturday run – a good week

I just got done with a 5 mile run at the gym with a 9:11 average. I’m happy with my run today because my first two splits were bad and my last three were great. It’s days like today that keep me coming back.

It’s actually weeks like I had this week that keep me coming back. I was able to put in two nice runs outside in Baltimore. One for 5.5 miles and the other for 8.1 miles. I almost forgot how nice it was to run outside without a foot of snow everywhere. My 8 miler was especially fun as I just kept going, I lost myself in the steps…it was awesome. I cleared my head and focused on me and I rocked it.

It is runs like today’s and weeks like this that show me I’ve clearly decided to dominate…and I like it!

Saturday run – help me help you

I hit the gym track today. I put in 5 miles at a 9:12 average. Clearly my speed training of late is paying off. I went out fast averaging 8:20 for the first two miles and felt great.

I got a stitch in my side and the wheels started to come off in mile three. I slowed down and worked on breathing. I also picked up a pacer behind me. They weren’t coming around me and I could tell they were working to hang on. I decided to hold my pace and help them finish. I pulled for two miles and we even picked up the pace. They never came around me and I ran another mile. As they were heading out I got a wave and a thank you.

It makes me feel good helping others reach their fitness goals. I was helped also today as I was about to stop with the stitch, but that little push I got from being paced off of spurred me on. They literally helped me help them.

Decide to dominate!