Saturday run – help me help you

I hit the gym track today. I put in 5 miles at a 9:12 average. Clearly my speed training of late is paying off. I went out fast averaging 8:20 for the first two miles and felt great.

I got a stitch in my side and the wheels started to come off in mile three. I slowed down and worked on breathing. I also picked up a pacer behind me. They weren’t coming around me and I could tell they were working to hang on. I decided to hold my pace and help them finish. I pulled for two miles and we even picked up the pace. They never came around me and I ran another mile. As they were heading out I got a wave and a thank you.

It makes me feel good helping others reach their fitness goals. I was helped also today as I was about to stop with the stitch, but that little push I got from being paced off of spurred me on. They literally helped me help them.

Decide to dominate!

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