Saturday run – I am back

I hit the treadmill this morning after a few days off with a sore achilles. I’m happy to report I felt good and the achilles appears to be fine.

I focused this week on stretching, swimming, core and walking. Overall it was a good week and has taught me that maybe those long hard runs every day isn’t what I should be doing. I’m going to go with a new focus and mix up my cardio (cycling, swimming and running) along with more stretching and continued strength training.

I took it slow this morning and put in 5 miles at a 10 minute average. I also had a training appointment with a new trainer…yep he’s going to kick my butt. I topped it all off with a nice long walk on the track.

The journey and the learning continue. My goals are still in place and I’m focused.

Decide to dominate!

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