Saturday ride – 13.2 cold miles…felt great

I’ve never posted twice in one day, but I’ve also never ran and rode in the same day. I still had a lot of energy after the 5K this morning so I jumped on my road bike and hammered out some miles before dinner.

It felt good to get back on the bike. I put in 13.2 miles with a 16.3 average. This was the first ride of the season and it was cold and windy. I could tell right away that my running had built up my cardio and my legs. It was easy to spin 17-20 mph.

I turned early to head for home because the wind by the lake was pounding me and it wasn’t as warm as I had first thought. After riding through a lot of water I decided it was smarter to keep all my toes and not push on any further. I should sleep well tonight.

Decide to dominate!


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