Monthly Archives: March 2014

Sunday run – Outrun Hunger 5K

I moved 2 inches of snow off the driveway this morning and half thought about going back to bed. It was 7:30 am and hanging around 30 degrees. My run was supposed to start at 9:30 and I was looking for a reason not to go. I sucked it up, put on the Winter gear and drove to Cleveland. My thinking was all the smart fast runners would stay home so it made sense for me to go. 🙂

I have been training in the cold the past few months so the weather didn’t phase me. I finished in 27:30 with an 8:56 average. I just got the official results and I was 4th in my age group and 54th out of 209 (clearly the fast people stayed in bed). I also set personal records for my 1/2 mile, 1 mile and 2 mile splits. I thought I had my fastest 5K, but missed it by less than 30 seconds. I am very happy with my results and that I’m getting faster in these organized runs.

I’m very happy with where I’m at in this fitness journey. I’m closing in on the 70 pound loss market. I’ve got about 15 pounds more I want to lose and they are proving to be the hardest, but I will get there. I had a blast today staying on tracking to work off a few more pounds.

Decide to dominate!


Saturday run – St. Malachi Church Run

I didn’t know what to expect for a 5 mile run through downtown Cleveland. I’m very happy with the run and the results.

I finished in 45:51 with a 9:11 average. I broke 4 of my personal records (400m, 1/2 mile, 1K and 2 mile) and got second on two others (1 mile and 5K). Mile 3.25 to 4.25 sucked as we hit every hill in downtown Cleveland, but I shortened my stride and focused on breathing. I kept a good pace throughout the race and luckily for me the adrenalin took over at the beginning and I went out a bit quicker.

It has been a tough week for me. My Mom passed and it didn’t hit me until the funeral. I pushed myself too hard and broke. Luckily I have a great support group in my wife, sons, family, friends and colleagues. They picked me up and helped me. I’m dedicating this run to my Mom, but also to those people around me that have shown me this week that it is okay for me to just take time and focus on me.

I learned a lot of lessons this week in this health journey I am on. I’m making changes to be a better me. The best lesson I learned…I know I’m never in anything alone.

Decide to dominate!

UPDATE: Official results have me at 80 out of 127 in my age group and 988 out of 2238 overall.  Very happy with my results!