Sunday run – I went after it!

I got back last night from a week in China and I had no idea what to expect from my body in the 5K today. I got about 7 hours of sleep last night and felt good this morning. I decided I was going to go after my fastest time in the Loving A Stray Fur Fun Run 5K in my home town.

I have been training all week in China and even put in my fastest 5K at 26:39 while in Beijing. I found my spot at the starting line in the middle of the pack and ran my race. When the pack started to thin in the first mile I found a person to pace with. We went back and forth trading off the pace. I sucked wind for most the first two miles, but pulled the last mile into the finish. I finished with my personal best 5K at 26:29. I was shocked that I was even 10 seconds faster than my time in Beijing.

I always like to reflect on where I have been compared to where I am now. My first 5K last year was 42 minutes and I was 70 lbs heavier. I could have never imagined being where I am today and turning in a 26 minute 5K. Hard work and an amazing group of family and friends supporting me has allowed me to reach this mark. Now to go focus on a 25 minute 5K.

Decide to dominate!

Update: I finished 7 out of 21 in my age group and 78 overall.


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