Saturday run – Hyland Hy5

I rolled out of bed this morning and the legs felt very stiff from working out yesterday. I had the Hyland Hy5 run and was thinking more about how bad I was going to do rather than how good I could do (not normal for me). I had to decide to dominate this morning…big time.

I got out and stretched every muscle in my body. I lined up in the back of the 9 minute milers on purpose as I didn’t want to slow others down. The gun went off and so did I. My head was clear. I was focused. I didn’t feel any pain. I moved up into the 8 minute group quickly and I stayed there. At one point during mile two I looked down and saw 7:45 on my watch…I’ve never seen that before. Mile three was tough, but again I focused and kept my times under 9 minutes. I finished with a personal best 5K at 26:00 with an 8:23 average. The chip time had me at 25:31 with an 8:14 average (I think their mileage was short). I was 7 out of 21 in my age group and 122 out of a total of 581.

70 lbs ago I would have rolled over and just went back to sleep with the way I felt this morning. Now even when I’m not feeling my best based on being sore, I can still find a way to loosen up and compete.

Don’t doubt me…decide to dominate!


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