Saturday run and ride – back to back

I woke up this morning and decided I’d try something new. A neighbor talked to me about a local duathlon / triathlon last week and it got me thinking that maybe it was time to put my two sports together. I’ve ran and ridden in the same day, but never back to back, and I do have a goal to try a mini-tri (that could be a pipe dream with my lack of swimming). So I set off to see what I could do.

I decided to run at an average pace and was able to do that as I went 4 miles at a 9:36 average. I transitioned to the bike in under 3 minutes and I wasn’t pushing it. I rode 16 miles at a 17.2 average and I felt every revolution towards the end. The combined moving and transition time was 1 hour and 39 minutes. I was very happy with this for my first try.

The local duathlon is a 5K, 12 mile ride, 5K format. Not sure how I will do running, riding and running again. I guess it is 18 total miles and I did 20 today so maybe I can do it…just need to work on breaking it up.

I’ve realized I can’t set my sights low so what the heck…I’ll give this duathlon thing a try, but only after I train a bit more.

PS…for good measure I threw a afternoon 10 mile bike ride on top with the family.

Decide to dominate!

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