Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sunday ride – over 100 this week

I can’t tell you the last time I rode 100 miles in one week. If I guessed I’d say 20 years (ouch), but no matter how long it has been way too long. This week I clipped off 127 miles and it felt great.

I have been running a ton the first part of the year and my achilles just hasn’t felt right of late. I believe it is due to the shoes, so I have new Brooks on the way (I shouldn’t have switched away). I decided this week to ramp up my miles on the bike. I have been averaging about 50-60 miles per week on the road since the weather got nice. This week I went 20+ per day with one day off for rest (actually travel, but we’ll go with rest).

My plan has always been to split time running and riding, but my shoe dilemma along with an aching achilles pushed me more towards the bike this week.

I’m going to try to keep up 100 miles on the bike per week and focus on 10-15 on the feet, once my new shoes arrive and I can prove my theory that the shoes do really matter.

Decide to dominate!


Saturday ride – 22 mile loop

Sore legs from working them hard yesterday with the trainer. Pushed through the ride and enjoyed a great sunrise. Time to get ready to watch baseball all day. Decide to dominate!


Friday ride – when the going gets tough

Sometimes when things aren’t starting out right you just have to shift into a harder gear and push through. That is what I did today and it paid off in the end. Decide to dominate!


Thursday steps – let’s not take that cab

I had a day trip in DC that started with a 4 am alarm, which meant no morning workout. I land back in Cleveland around 8 pm so that means no evening working out. I decided to walk to most of our meetings to focus on getting my steps in.

Luckily my colleague was open to walking on a hot 80+ degree day. We had to take one round trip cab ride and the rest of the time we walked all over DC. We put in 10 miles in no time at all. I even decided to walk to Union Station to catch my train…about 2 miles from the last meeting.

Very happy to exceed my step goal today. I was even happier to see that BWI also supports stepping rather than sitting while you wait for your plane.

Decide to dominate!


Wednesday ride – quick out and back

Got in a quick 12 miles after work. I hit every stop light and every bit of rush hour possible. Didn’t bother me as I was out on the bike and just having a blast. Decide to dominate!


Tuesday ride – getting past detours

It was an interesting morning with wind, construction and detours.  It is nice to get some surprises in the morning when your normal route is suddenly a roadblock.  You just have to find a way around it…life lessons while riding.  Decide to dominate!


Monday ride – 21 mile loop

Broke out the Ohio State jersey and had some fun this morning.  Passed a few riders and just enjoyed the ride along the lake.  Decide to dominate!