Sunday ride – 36 what?

A year ago I could barely find clothes that fit to go out and ride. Today I rode 36 miles and averaged 17.9 mph. I can’t tell you the last time I rode over 35 miles or when I almost averaged 18 mph.

It has been difficult to get to this point. I have been asked a lot of late what I’ve changed. My response is always the same…

1. I got active. I didn’t start running 5Ks overnight. It took a lot of walking before I could even think of running. Once I got running I just focused on increasing mileage and lowering my averages per mile. Since I started running in August I’ve done 1,118 miles. Running allowed me to lose weight faster and get back on my bike (my true passion).

2. Eat in moderation. I don’t skip things I like to eat. I still eat pizza. I still eat burgers. I still eat fries. I just don’t eat them every meal and I eat in moderation. I do mix in more lean protein to help build muscle, but that is really my only big change.

3. Motivate others. I feel the best when I’m helping others. I learned early on I can motivate myself. I was motivated to put the weight on so I had to be motivated to take it off. What was way more rewarding was to help others. Watching them push causes me to push harder. I’ve seen family, friends, colleagues and peers loose hundreds of pounds. That motivates me. Yes, it feels good when someone says I motivated them, truth is I feed off their drive to better myself.

So those 36 miles today were as much about me as they were about those that motivate me. I am pushed by them to be better, go faster, go further and just get…it…done. I am proud of everyone that has decided to make a change and get healthy. Keep it up and so will I.

Decide to dominate!

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