China Runnings

I had the opportunity to spend last week in China. It was an amazing trip. Between meetings, meals, little sleep and a conference I was still able to lay down 34 miles running.

People always ask me about the air quality and running in China. It wasn’t bad and I was able to run outside 5 of the 7 days. Those other 2 days the air quality plummeted so I was forced onto the treadmill.

The two most difficult things were lack of sleep from never adjusting to the time and dodging people. I was sleeping in 3 hour blocks and then awake for 2 hours. This makes running difficult if you aren’t rested. Luckily I was okay with my 9:30 minute averages so I pushed through. Dodging the people in the morning was tough…especially near the bus stops. It felt like I was running an obstacle course every morning. Towards the end of the week I got the bus schedule timing down and ran between the waves of people.

I used to make excuses when I traveled about not being able to workout. Now I make excuses to work out like going to bed early and eating right.

Decide to dominate!






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