Race – MidTown Cleveland HealthLine 10K

Yesterday was my first 10K race. I’ve run lots of 10K’s prior to yesterday, but all of them were on my own. I didn’t know what to expect from a pace standpoint, plus the weather was cold and windy so I had lots of questions before the race even started.

The 5K and 10K runners went out together. I couldn’t tell who was running which race and didn’t know if I was pacing off of people doing the 5K or the 10K. I was hoping it was the 10K people and they wouldn’t break off at the turn, but to my surprise most were in the 10K group and they were keeping a very good pace. When the two closest people I was pacing with turned off at the 5K it left me in a bit of a dead zone with a number of people ahead and no one close behind me. This was when all that training I’ve done alone would pay off as I just found my pace and focused on breathing and my stride. At the 10K turn I could tell I was in the front portion of the field as the runners were coming back past me. I knew I wouldn’t catch the front of the pack with no one to pace off of so I kept to my game plan of keeping my times below 9 minutes.

I crossed the line at 54:32 (unofficial) with an 8:47 average. This gave me my fastest 10K by over 2 minutes. I also got my second fastest 5K at 27:04. I went in with questions and didn’t get many answers until half-way through. I could have let this get to me as all the other races I’ve been in I’ve been able to judge pace vs. distance, but being my first 10K I wasn’t sure. I’m happy because in the end I ran my race…all of my training on my own paid off when I found myself in the middle of a race with no one to judge my effort off of.

I learned yesterday that I’m getting smarter at running while still getting stronger.

Decide to dominate!


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