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Sunday run – back to bare legs

It was back up into the 50’s this morning. Two days ago it felt like 11 degrees when I set out on my morning run…today it felt like 53. I left the tights and other layers in the closet and broke the shorts back out.

Very enjoyable run. Did 5 miles with a 9:21 average. Worked on my mile and target heart rate during the last leg and dropped down to an 8:51 average.

I might have to run twice today to make up for the cold weather the next few months.

Decide to dominate!

Saturday run – dedicated to GoBucks797

Anyone that knows me knows that today is one of the most important days of the year to me. It is the annual Ohio State vs Michigan game. It might as well be a holiday because I treat it like one. I don’t care what the records are…either team can win today. This game is about who wants it more. I set out on my run today thinking about The Game.

My goal today was for a top three 10K and I got it with a 9:17 average. I couldn’t stop thinking about pushing harder, doing more with less and just plain out leaving it all on the pavement. I kept coming back to The Game and my Uncle Warren (GoBucks797). We all have people that help shape who we are and he was one of these people. He helped teach me what was right and what was wrong. He also taught me about competition…heck he pushed me to be competitive. As my foot cramped and my legs felt sluggish I knew I could push through it and I did. Uncle Warren taught me to face adversity head on and overcome it.

While my Uncle Warren isn’t with us any longer a piece of him lives on in me. I accomplished what I set out to do today because of who I am and those that have helped to shape me. Thank you GoBucks797.

So as I prepare to jump around in front of the television for 3 hours I’ll be thinking of how this day was also a special day for my Uncle Warren. I’ll be watching The Game with my boys and passing on the tradition that was given to me. I’ll be helping to shape them as we watch two teams compete that want to win today more than any other…the team that overcomes adversity will win today.

GoBucks797…decide to dominate!

Friday run – fueling the body matters

Woke up to alert that said it feels like 11 degrees outside. Threw on the layers and hit the road. I love running in the cold…except for the crazy ice that slows you down.

I’ve been experimenting with fueling prior to running. I used to run on nothing and pushed through…but felt horrible at the end with no power. I’ve found if I eat a Quest Bar (apple pie) and a Hammer Gel pack (apple cinnamon) prior I get that boost I need in the middle of the run. It isn’t a lot, about 300 calories, but has the calories and ingredients I need to keep the engine going.

I kept a good pace and pushed it harder at the end. Even with the ice I managed to get my third fastest 10K.

Decide to dominate!


Race – routines matter…what was I thinking?!?!?!

Woke up to snow on the ground and 30 degree weather. Perfect conditions for us turkeys to run in the Cleveland Turkey Trot. I knew it was going to be an interesting run as I walked to the start / finish line and I was slipping and sliding on ice. It was time to suck it up and go.

After the first half mile I had wet feet, wardrobe malfunctions and managed to get tangled in my ear buds and almost strangle myself…just how you want to start a race. I almost stopped to get back into sorts, but I decided to slow down and get everything fixed except for the wet feet…ugh.

I did exactly what I shouldn’t have done…I tried new things on race day. New tights didn’t stay tied. New Jersey worked fine, but I put my phone in the back pocket and it bounced all 5 miles. My Shuffle fell off as it was clipped to my tights and I struggled to find a new place to secure it. I just read an article in Runners World about not trying new things on race day…clearly I must not have retained a single word until they all came crashing back to me by mile two. I learned a valuable lesson today and I won’t be changing my routine on race day any more.

After collecting myself I kept a steady pace for the next two miles and I kicked up the speed a bit in mile 4. I finished in 43:52 with an 8:46 average. I was 58 out of 192 in my age class and 1264 out of 5100 overall. While it wasn’t the time I wanted I really enjoyed the run. It started out bad, but I was able to collect myself and finish strong…gobble gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday run – TLoe vs. the surge protector

I took two days off from running and got back at it today. I’m still not accepting that Winter is here already so I ventured into the basement to get on the roller of death (yes…I hate the treadmill).

My back was sore yesterday from lifting so I decided to take it easy to start. That lasted about 1/4 mile and then I started kicking up the pace. I loosened up in no time and was hammering 7.5-8.5 mph through most of the run. I hit 3 miles and kicked it up to 9 mph. To my surprise with almost a neck breaking moment…the treadmill kicked off. It took me about 10 seconds to collect myself from the floor to realize I tripped the fuse on the surge protector. Instead of complaining I just jumped back on the treadmill, turned off the TV that helped to trip the surge protector, and finished my run with a smile. I was smiling because I beat the rollers of death. Yes, it almost killed me, but it felt good knowing I had a lot more in my tank and the treadmill didn’t.

In other news…I forgot to post that I had a nice race last weekend. Finished the St. Luke 5K Pilgrim Run in 26:09 with an 8:26 average. Felt like 75% of the run was on snow and ice so I was happy to not fall and break anything.

I guess slips and falls were the name of the game the past few days 🙂

Decide to dominate!

Race – Hermes Garage Sale 5K…ugh the hill

Running at Edgewater Park in Cleveland is always a blast. It doesn’t really seem like a 5K, but maybe it because there is a long hill right in the middle of the run.

I covered the course in 26:04, which got me my third fastest 5K. I looked at my splits and yep mile two with the hill was 8:45 while the other splits were low 8’s. I do like running this course because of the hill as it makes it almost like three races…pre-hill, hill and post-hill.

I managed to get fourth in my age group and thirty-second out of one hundred and twenty eight runners / walkers. I went back and looked at my last 5K on this course. It was February of this year and I was at 27:45. Feels great to be 1:41 faster today…shows the progress I’ve been making.

Decide to dominate!


Race – Bernie Shuffle…overcoming adversity

Anyone that has ever watched a Browns game in November in Cleveland knows that the weather can be brutal. Well…I decided to run through those weather conditions this morning with a ton of other people. Only fitting that it was the inaugural Bernie (Kosar) Shuffle as that man took the field many a time in stuff like this.

Pelting rain, 33 mph swirling winds off Lake Erie and a blistering 40 degrees made for perfect running weather (perfectly crazy running weather). On top of all that we got to run up the hill from the pier on East Ninth Street to start. I took it easy and just motored up the hill. I covered the first mile in 9:03 and I was wet and cold…things runners don’t like to be. I decided to kick the speed up to get some comfort back in the run and see if I could warm up. When I turned out of the wind in mile two it felt like I had a jet pack strapped to my back. I was pushing a high 7 to low 8 minute pace. Clearly the wind was a huge factor, but after tasting the quicker pace I stayed with it. I finished in 26:11 and got my fastest 1/2 mile, 1K, 1 mile and 2K…all of these personal records were hit in the last two-thirds of the race.

I’m really impressed with my running today. I could have just settled for 9 minute averages, but I didn’t. I dug down deep and found a way to push harder. Maybe it was that I didn’t want to be in those elements any longer than needed. Maybe it was all the wind in my face vs at my back. Maybe it was that I wanted to do good in my boyhood idols race and I found a way to overcome adversity…just like Kosar did with the football on the shores of Lake Erie so many times when I was younger. I’m going with the boyhood idol as it makes for a better ending to grueling conditions 🙂

I had a blast this morning and will look forward to this race next year, which means it will probably be in blizzard conditions. Doesn’t matter…you can’t keep me away from running this one.

Decide to dominate!