Race – Bernie Shuffle…overcoming adversity

Anyone that has ever watched a Browns game in November in Cleveland knows that the weather can be brutal. Well…I decided to run through those weather conditions this morning with a ton of other people. Only fitting that it was the inaugural Bernie (Kosar) Shuffle as that man took the field many a time in stuff like this.

Pelting rain, 33 mph swirling winds off Lake Erie and a blistering 40 degrees made for perfect running weather (perfectly crazy running weather). On top of all that we got to run up the hill from the pier on East Ninth Street to start. I took it easy and just motored up the hill. I covered the first mile in 9:03 and I was wet and cold…things runners don’t like to be. I decided to kick the speed up to get some comfort back in the run and see if I could warm up. When I turned out of the wind in mile two it felt like I had a jet pack strapped to my back. I was pushing a high 7 to low 8 minute pace. Clearly the wind was a huge factor, but after tasting the quicker pace I stayed with it. I finished in 26:11 and got my fastest 1/2 mile, 1K, 1 mile and 2K…all of these personal records were hit in the last two-thirds of the race.

I’m really impressed with my running today. I could have just settled for 9 minute averages, but I didn’t. I dug down deep and found a way to push harder. Maybe it was that I didn’t want to be in those elements any longer than needed. Maybe it was all the wind in my face vs at my back. Maybe it was that I wanted to do good in my boyhood idols race and I found a way to overcome adversity…just like Kosar did with the football on the shores of Lake Erie so many times when I was younger. I’m going with the boyhood idol as it makes for a better ending to grueling conditions 🙂

I had a blast this morning and will look forward to this race next year, which means it will probably be in blizzard conditions. Doesn’t matter…you can’t keep me away from running this one.

Decide to dominate!


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