Race – Hermes Garage Sale 5K…ugh the hill

Running at Edgewater Park in Cleveland is always a blast. It doesn’t really seem like a 5K, but maybe it because there is a long hill right in the middle of the run.

I covered the course in 26:04, which got me my third fastest 5K. I looked at my splits and yep mile two with the hill was 8:45 while the other splits were low 8’s. I do like running this course because of the hill as it makes it almost like three races…pre-hill, hill and post-hill.

I managed to get fourth in my age group and thirty-second out of one hundred and twenty eight runners / walkers. I went back and looked at my last 5K on this course. It was February of this year and I was at 27:45. Feels great to be 1:41 faster today…shows the progress I’ve been making.

Decide to dominate!


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