Tuesday run – TLoe vs. the surge protector

I took two days off from running and got back at it today. I’m still not accepting that Winter is here already so I ventured into the basement to get on the roller of death (yes…I hate the treadmill).

My back was sore yesterday from lifting so I decided to take it easy to start. That lasted about 1/4 mile and then I started kicking up the pace. I loosened up in no time and was hammering 7.5-8.5 mph through most of the run. I hit 3 miles and kicked it up to 9 mph. To my surprise with almost a neck breaking moment…the treadmill kicked off. It took me about 10 seconds to collect myself from the floor to realize I tripped the fuse on the surge protector. Instead of complaining I just jumped back on the treadmill, turned off the TV that helped to trip the surge protector, and finished my run with a smile. I was smiling because I beat the rollers of death. Yes, it almost killed me, but it felt good knowing I had a lot more in my tank and the treadmill didn’t.

In other news…I forgot to post that I had a nice race last weekend. Finished the St. Luke 5K Pilgrim Run in 26:09 with an 8:26 average. Felt like 75% of the run was on snow and ice so I was happy to not fall and break anything.

I guess slips and falls were the name of the game the past few days 🙂

Decide to dominate!

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