Race – routines matter…what was I thinking?!?!?!

Woke up to snow on the ground and 30 degree weather. Perfect conditions for us turkeys to run in the Cleveland Turkey Trot. I knew it was going to be an interesting run as I walked to the start / finish line and I was slipping and sliding on ice. It was time to suck it up and go.

After the first half mile I had wet feet, wardrobe malfunctions and managed to get tangled in my ear buds and almost strangle myself…just how you want to start a race. I almost stopped to get back into sorts, but I decided to slow down and get everything fixed except for the wet feet…ugh.

I did exactly what I shouldn’t have done…I tried new things on race day. New tights didn’t stay tied. New Jersey worked fine, but I put my phone in the back pocket and it bounced all 5 miles. My Shuffle fell off as it was clipped to my tights and I struggled to find a new place to secure it. I just read an article in Runners World about not trying new things on race day…clearly I must not have retained a single word until they all came crashing back to me by mile two. I learned a valuable lesson today and I won’t be changing my routine on race day any more.

After collecting myself I kept a steady pace for the next two miles and I kicked up the speed a bit in mile 4. I finished in 43:52 with an 8:46 average. I was 58 out of 192 in my age class and 1264 out of 5100 overall. While it wasn’t the time I wanted I really enjoyed the run. It started out bad, but I was able to collect myself and finish strong…gobble gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One response to “Race – routines matter…what was I thinking?!?!?!

  1. I was there and I can completely relate~ I ALSO had a wardrobe malfunction, wet feet (too early on!) and slipped and danced my way down that first (only?) hill. But I still had a great time 🙂 Congrats on your great finish!

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