Saturday run – dedicated to GoBucks797

Anyone that knows me knows that today is one of the most important days of the year to me. It is the annual Ohio State vs Michigan game. It might as well be a holiday because I treat it like one. I don’t care what the records are…either team can win today. This game is about who wants it more. I set out on my run today thinking about The Game.

My goal today was for a top three 10K and I got it with a 9:17 average. I couldn’t stop thinking about pushing harder, doing more with less and just plain out leaving it all on the pavement. I kept coming back to The Game and my Uncle Warren (GoBucks797). We all have people that help shape who we are and he was one of these people. He helped teach me what was right and what was wrong. He also taught me about competition…heck he pushed me to be competitive. As my foot cramped and my legs felt sluggish I knew I could push through it and I did. Uncle Warren taught me to face adversity head on and overcome it.

While my Uncle Warren isn’t with us any longer a piece of him lives on in me. I accomplished what I set out to do today because of who I am and those that have helped to shape me. Thank you GoBucks797.

So as I prepare to jump around in front of the television for 3 hours I’ll be thinking of how this day was also a special day for my Uncle Warren. I’ll be watching The Game with my boys and passing on the tradition that was given to me. I’ll be helping to shape them as we watch two teams compete that want to win today more than any other…the team that overcomes adversity will win today.

GoBucks797…decide to dominate!

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