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Final Run of 2014 – Decide to Dominate!

I woke up this morning and was about to head out when I decided I was not going to run. I wanted to wait until I got back to Ohio to run my home route. I could have easily laid down 5 miles in Michigan, but it didn’t seem right to end my year that way. I needed to be home and pound the pavement where I’ve taken so many steps this year. I logged a very frigid 7 miles with a 9:30 average and pretty much had on every piece of cold weather clothing I owned as it was 16 degrees with a windchill of 0…but I loved every step!

Today is the day we all reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the last year. I set out goals on January 1 that have stuck with me every day. Today is the day I get to check to see how I did. My goals were…

  • participate in my first organized run – I blew this goal away. Not only did I do my first organized run, but I did a ton of them. They are truly a blast and I’m hooked.
  • run my first half marathon – I accomplished this on my own…not what I expected. I woke up one Sunday and just kept running. I covered 13.5 miles that morning and it felt good, but I also realized long distances are tough.
  • participate in my first mini-triathlon – I can’t check this one off my list. While I trained hard I didn’t feel I was ready to pull everything together. We will see if I focus on this in 2015.
  • log 1,000 miles running and riding – I’m most proud of this accomplishment. I logged 1,267 miles riding and 1,321 miles running. I realized half way through the year I was a stronger runner than rider. After the Summer I focused on running and pushed to get more miles running than riding. I nailed that in December and kept going. The most amazing number to me was that I ran 281 days this year. That is 76% of the year I was running. I truly didn’t think I’d look back and see that.

This fitness journey started for me 2 year ago almost to the day when I received my first Fitbit. Four Fitbits later (they lasted…I kept upgrading), 72 lbs gone and I’m feeling great. Not only am I healthier, but I found something I’m truly passionate about (outside of my family) and that is running. I can’t wait to see what I’ll accomplish in 2015. It’s been a very good running year.

Decide to dominate!

Fitbit Surge…so far so good

I’m a geek and I’m a runner…both can be rewarding and expensive. I’ve had a number of watches and trackers over the past two years. All seem to work well, but don’t do everything you need them to do. On Saturday my Fitbit Surge arrived and I’ve been putting it through the paces (literally).

I’ll cut to the chase…this watch is great. As a loyal Fitbit user (helped me to lose 70+ pounds) it gives me something the other watches haven’t been able to in my step counts. It has the cool factor with the touch screen and it is very easy to use. It’s interesting to get alerts for texts and calls on your wrist. The GPS worked nicely on a 5 mile run on Sunday…I know for a fact it did as I wore two watches to make sure. Not only was the GPS dead on, but so was the heart rate…again two watches proved that. I ran on the gym track today and it did well there on the treadmill setting. I also like that it knows when I fall to sleep and when I wake up, no more setting or guessing. The changes to the app have been great also with the heart rate and activity added. The activity was important to me as a runner so I can get my stats. Everything I needed was right there and it was presented in a very user friendly way.

The one draw back is that it doesn’t sync with Strava yet.  While I understand that Fitbit has their own app they need to share with running apps and it is my hope they will. I’m a power user of the Fitbit app and I’ll continue to be, but I don’t want to lose my Strava capabilities and as with other watches I’ve continued to use both apps all the time. I’ll continue to use two watches until there is integration with Strava…so if Fitbit wants to own my arm I hope they listen as I’ve got a really strong watch from TomTom that I like.

The Surge is a good watch, but could be a bit much for people that don’t run religiously or are going to go do hardcore activities they want all the stats for. The $250 mark is pricey, but for what you get it is well in line with the other running watches. The beauty of what Fitbit has done is they have models like the Charge and others that allow you to get what you want out of them at the price mark that makes sense.

Two thumbs up Fitbit…you’ve it a home run in my book.  Now make it a grand slam and integrate it with Strava.

Decide to dominate!