Final Run of 2014 – Decide to Dominate!

I woke up this morning and was about to head out when I decided I was not going to run. I wanted to wait until I got back to Ohio to run my home route. I could have easily laid down 5 miles in Michigan, but it didn’t seem right to end my year that way. I needed to be home and pound the pavement where I’ve taken so many steps this year. I logged a very frigid 7 miles with a 9:30 average and pretty much had on every piece of cold weather clothing I owned as it was 16 degrees with a windchill of 0…but I loved every step!

Today is the day we all reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the last year. I set out goals on January 1 that have stuck with me every day. Today is the day I get to check to see how I did. My goals were…

  • participate in my first organized run – I blew this goal away. Not only did I do my first organized run, but I did a ton of them. They are truly a blast and I’m hooked.
  • run my first half marathon – I accomplished this on my own…not what I expected. I woke up one Sunday and just kept running. I covered 13.5 miles that morning and it felt good, but I also realized long distances are tough.
  • participate in my first mini-triathlon – I can’t check this one off my list. While I trained hard I didn’t feel I was ready to pull everything together. We will see if I focus on this in 2015.
  • log 1,000 miles running and riding – I’m most proud of this accomplishment. I logged 1,267 miles riding and 1,321 miles running. I realized half way through the year I was a stronger runner than rider. After the Summer I focused on running and pushed to get more miles running than riding. I nailed that in December and kept going. The most amazing number to me was that I ran 281 days this year. That is 76% of the year I was running. I truly didn’t think I’d look back and see that.

This fitness journey started for me 2 year ago almost to the day when I received my first Fitbit. Four Fitbits later (they lasted…I kept upgrading), 72 lbs gone and I’m feeling great. Not only am I healthier, but I found something I’m truly passionate about (outside of my family) and that is running. I can’t wait to see what I’ll accomplish in 2015. It’s been a very good running year.

Decide to dominate!

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