Monthly Archives: January 2015

Saturday run – 5.6 miles / 9:48 average

I wasn’t expecting much as far as speed today. Icy subdivisions and sore legs from lifting yesterday made for a slower run.

Felt great to run in the cold. It has truly turned into one of my favorite things to do…the colder the better. Bring it on Old Man Winter!

Decide to dominate!

Saturday run – in bed vs in shape

Got back out on the road after six long days of not running. Between a sore knee and a stomach bug I was in bad shape this week.

Went out quick and slowed down thinking I’d blow up…but I didn’t. I ran a good pace and felt like I was holding back. I decide to turn it up in the last mile as I had tons of gas in the tank.

Today’s run wasn’t anywhere near my best, but it made me feel very good. I could barely get out of bed three days ago with how sick I was. I expected to be winded, not able to push and honestly I thought I’d have to stop. The total opposite happened today…I saw I was in damn good shape.

Decide to dominate!